Sonana Khetlaji

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Sonana Khetlaji

About Temple

Shri Sonana Khetlaji is a temple of Shri Khetlaji located in the village Sonana of Desuri tehsil of Pali district in Indian state of Rajasthan. Template located in Sonana is an old temple from where Shri Sonana Khetlaji has moved village near by name Sarangwas. Shri Sonana Khetlaji was founded approximately 800 years ago; this temple is Jagir of local Brahmins Rajpurohit. Kind ruling this village has write off this temple to the local Brahmins to do chants and pooja everyday.Many people plan thier vacations there for seek of peace .

Visit Duration

1 hour.


All Days in a week 6:00 Am to 11 Pm .

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