Baba Baidyanath WilvaPatra Arpan Puja

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Baba Baidyanath WilvaPatra Arpan Puja

About Temple

The importance of Jyotirlingam is well known to all. Its renowned sanctity is attached to the Hindu view of the socio-religious life of India. Jyotirlingam means the linga of light, i.e. a symbolic form of a stone tinctured with the cycle of light. It is a very surprising acknowledgment to us that the twelve lingas spray the rays of the light in the panorama of our life. It may be assumed that Jyotirlinga expels the proceeds of light which is generating with spiritual and cosmos consciousness for all. The light of Jyotirlingam is the light of cosmos which is realized by the power of soul as a whole. Being one out of the twelve Jyotirlingas, Baidyanath is famous for all. Deoghar, the home of gods, is modern name. In Puranas we find in its place names like Haridrapeetha, Ketaki van, Haritalik van, Chitabhoomi and Vaidyanath. In Bengal and upper provinces the place is generally known as Baidyanathdham. The sanctity of Baidyanath is mentioned in several Puranas which refer to it and as they are unquestionably the golden treasure of Hindu religion and culture, Baidyanath Jyotirlingam has attained great importance.

About Puja

There is mention of bilva tree in such ancient scriptures as Atharvaved, Aitereya Bramhan and Shatpath Bramhan. It is a sacred tree having sacrificial importance. The leaves of this sacred tree is generally trifoliate. This trifoliate leaf is symbolic of Trikal (three states in time), Trishakti (Volition, action and knowledge), three lingas and three syllables of Omkar. It is offered to Lord Shiva. The proportion of sattva component is more in bilva patra and hence it has more capacity to absorb and emit sattvik frequencies. This has various effects. One of them is the reduction of raja-tama particles present in the atmosphere. A sattvik leaf like bilva patra when brought in proximity of a person suffering from negative energy distress then the black energy present within him is reduced. Whenever a person is affected by the distress due to negative energies then his control over his physical body, mind and intellect is reduced and control of negative energy increases. Such a person when comes in contact with an environment not conducive for negative energy for instance in a sattvik environment then there is a battle between the negative energy and the satva predominant environment. This battle can manifest at various levels. The manifestation can vary from such simple thoughts like running away from the place to destructive thoughts also. Sometimes the negative energy may manifest in gross form like sudden burst of anger, shouting, throwing articles and may indulge in any type of destructive act like actually breaking and plundering articles etc. To understand this further let us see the effect of keeping a bilva patra in front of a person affected by negative energy distress. The person is visibly distressed when the bilva patra is taken in hand and applied to the neck and head. Thus we have seen the gross effect of bilva patra on the affected person affected by negative energy. The unmanifest-manifest frequencies of chaitanya of Shiva form are attracted to the bilva patra and absorbed there. The unmanifest subtlemost frequencies of Shiva principle and frequencies of chaitanya are emitted from bilva patra in the form of circles. Their effect take place on the subtlemost energy of the negative energy and the black energy is disintegrated. Frequencies and particles of divine energy are projected towards the negative energy from bilva patra. This energy then reduces the amount of black energy emanating from the negative energy. Thus up till now we have been introduced to the subject of sacred leaves like tulsi, durva and bilvapatra. Similarly we also became acquainted with the effect of sattvik leaves on individual and the environment. Let us pray that whatever things we have been introduced to in this satsang will be remembered and applied correctly during a puja ritual so that we can obtain the blessings of deities and thus spiritually benefitted.

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