Love Life Puja

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Love Life Puja

Life is worth living with a person who loves you unconditionally. Looking for a partner and better marriage? Templeyatri is here to serve you.

What is Love Life Puja?

Marriage is one of the significant events in one’s life. The heavenly marriage is based solely on the spiritual bonding of two individuals. Love Life Puja is done when you are looking for a partner of your choice to marry or if you are getting problems in your current marriage life. It reduces the chances of problems in marriage life

What are the benefits of Love Life Puja?

  • To marry a person of your choice.
  • To avoid the known and unknown problems that can come in your marriage life.
  • Helps you to get married quickly.
  • To remove the differences in married life.

How is Love Life Puja performed?

In consultation with priest a list of things needed for the puja is made. Things should be ready one day before the puja. On the day of puja, priest arrives to start it. Priest offers mantras and prayers on behalf of devotees and asks them to offer flowers, prasad, gangajal and other things required to deities. This is the way to get the blessings of God and Goddess of love.

Templeyatri Services

  • We will send you a well qualified priest with 10 years of experience in Hindu Shastras to conduct puja at your preferred location.
  • Our priest would suggest you for auspicious day and time as per the Muhurat to perform the puja.
  • Priest travel cost to the location will be added to the total package cost.
  • You have to arrange puja samagri on your own.