Panchak Shanti / Tripad Shanti

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Panchak Shanti / Tripad Shanti

Hinduism religion death is not treated as the end of life rather it is treated as a moment when the ‘Atma’ or ‘soul’ after leaving the present body will starts its journey either for reincarnation in some new form or for ‘Moksha’. Panchak dates are based upon astrological calculations so when a person passes on the first thing that you should check is what time the deceased passed on. Panchak is a very bad time for a person to die in. Panchak is a combination of 5 Nakshatras.


  • Any payment made by you to Pujari or any Vendor.
  • Dakshina (Tip) and other expenses.


Nasik, Trimbak, Maharashtra.


05:30 AM to 09:00 PM


No Fee For Puja.

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