Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja

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Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja


Benefits of Puja

This puja provides cordial and harmonious family relations ,relief from physical and maental ailments, provides finansical and stability and peace of mind and realife from other malefic of pitra dosha.

About Puja

pitra Dosha Nivaran puja is done to rectify the Pitra Dosha in one's horoscope.Ptra Dosha can lead to many hardships in life and hus Pira Dosha Nivaran Puja is rcommended for happy and peaasful worldly life and for aainmen of peace for he depared souls of one's ancestors. Braha parashar gives 14 kinds of pitra -dosh.

Templeyatri Services

Templeyatri will send you a experienced and qualified pujari having more than 10 years of experience and knowledge of Shastras, Puja vidhis and rituals. Our Pujaris are well-trained to conduct puja at Devotees preferred location (home, office etc.) and time (or muhurat time suggested by Templeyatri). Currently our services are available in Delhi-NCR only. Very soon we will expand our services to other locations. Note: Devotee has to arrange for puja samagri on their own, unless opted for Puja Samagri from Templeyatri.



Templeyatri.com or Instamaze Infotainments Private Limited are not a temple representative. We act as your representative to book and manage your service requirements at the Temple. By making this offering, you are authorizing us to book your puja at the temple on your behalf and provide you all necessary support in performing your puja. The amount paid by you will be used to buy and offer Puja Materials at the temple. And, to cover all miscellaneous costs such as -

  • Local Pujari Arrangement
  • Professional handling and local assistance
  • Payment collection, and
  • Government taxes


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