Jagran Gondal

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Jagran Gondal

Jagran Gondal pooja is performed in Shree Tuljabhavani Temple. Shree Tuljabhavani mata is revered Goddess in mainly Maharashtra. It is situated at Tuljapur District Osmanabad , Maharashra. It is family godess of many families in Maharashtra and rest of states also. She is also fondly revered as Aai (mother) Ambabai, Jagdamba, and many names by her devotees who throng in millions to Tuljapur temple for their Darshan and for seeking her blessings. She is also known for combating demons who threaten the stability of the universe. The Garbhagriha is the Holy Idol of the goddess Tuljabhavani, which is believed by the devotees to be the self manifested idol (Swayambhu Murti). This is a Murti about three feet in height, made of granite. Devi Maa has eight arms which carry various ayudhas in the following order. The lowermost right hand holds a trident, the next one a dagger, the one above this an arrow and the uppermost right hand wields the chakra. In the uppermost left hand is a shankh, next is a bow, the third one carries a bowl and the lower most left hand holds the knot of hair on the head of the slain Asur (Demon). The right leg is planted firmly on the body of Mahishasur, the Demon she killed, and the left leg on the ground. Ornaments like earrings, kundalas, necklaces etc. are, carved on the image. The Goddess rides a lion who is her vahan (carrier).  


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