Bhoomi Puja

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Bhoomi Puja

Looking for Bhoomi Puja? Offer prayers to Goddess Bhooma Devi. Templeyatri is here to serve you

What is Bhoomi Puja?

The earth is considered to be a mother. Before the start of construction related to house, building and real estates we pray to Goddess Bhooma Devi. In this way we ask for permission from Goddess of earth to start the construction. We should seek the blessings by doing proper puja and offerings so that our efforts are covered with success.

What are the benefits of Bhoomi Puja?

  • Bhoomi puja ensures that no obstacle is faced while construction and is completed on time and smoothly.
  • The positive energy is restored in the land.
  • Removes the existing ill-effects beared by the land.
  • To get the blessings of Goddess Bhooma Devi.

How is Bhoomi Puja performed?

The priest visits the site and chooses the appropriate area for performing the puja, usually the north east corner. In the chosen area a pit is dug. In a copper kalash or plastic box puja items are placed i.e. navratans, a tiny piece of gold, a silver coin, sabut puja supari, one stick of turmeric, a little whole green moong, sabut dhania, dhoop and gur. And then this kalash or plastic box is placed in pit. At the end pit is covered with bricks and cement. Prayers are offered to Vastu Devta. Every community has different method of performing this puja. So consult our priest for the list of items required for puja.

Templeyatri Services

  • We will send you a well qualified priest with 10 years of experience in Hindu Shastras to conduct puja at your preferred location.
  • Our priest would suggest you for auspicious day and time as per the Muhurat to perform the puja.
  • Priest travel cost to the location will be added to the total package cost.
  • You have to arrange puja samagri on your own.